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President's Welcome  

On behalf of all brothers of the Psi Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi at University of Wisconsin - Madison, I would like to welcome you to the official webpage of the chapter, and also your potential family for the rest of your college career and beyond.

The Psi Chapter of Delta Sigma Pi, also known as DSP in the Badger community, prides itself on its inclusiveness and professionalism. Re-installed in the year of 2010, and having celebrated our 5th year anniversary in Spring 2015, we continue to strive for excellence in the field of business, and seek to impact communities through professional development, leadership and service. We highly value respectful dialog among brothers and put strong emphasis in maintaining high ethical standards in our endeavours. Apart from professional development, DSP offers a strong support network to all its brothers both academically and career-wise. In DSP, we learn from each other, we count on each other, we excel together. 

With the vast amount of resources and options available on campus and in the Wisconsin School of Business, DSP not only helped me set my bearings in academics, but also opened up unimaginable opportunities to me both on and off campus. I am proud to be surrounded by capable and aspiring individuals, whom I call my brothers and friends. Every brother of DSP has their own unique stories to share with you that show how DSP has helped them advance both professionally and socially. 

I believe every individual has their own talent and skills that are yet to be discovered. I invite you to explore our webpage and our other social media platforms, to find out who we are and what we do. May DSP be the community where you will unlock your potential and the endless opportunities waiting ahead of you.

Should you have any questions, feel free to contact me at uwdsppresident@gmail.com.


Will Deangelis
Delta Sigma Pi - Psi Chapter

Thank you to all our sponsors for the upcoming DSP Open!

Thank you to all our sponsors for the upcoming DSP Open!