Fritz Vogel


As President, I serve as the chief executive officer, overall manager, and motivator for the chapter—keeping a big picture view and overseeing all other officers and members in their Fraternity roles and functions.


Sarah Beaver

Senior Vice President

As Senior Vice President, I assist and support the chapter President, and back her up when she is absent, but my main role is to oversee recruiting. I also will transition into the role of Chapter President. 


Jenna Scheffert

Vice President of Finance

As Vice President - Finance, I oversee the budgets and financials for the chapter, including making payments to the National Fraternity for member dues, initiation fees and other expenses.


Melanie Sims & Tom bibby  

Vice President of Pledge Education

As Vice President - Pledge Education, I work with Christa Scott to oversee preparation of pledges for initiation, develop and submit pledge programs, report information on pledges, and act as a liaison between pledges and the rest of the chapter


Kayla Zimdars

Vice President of Chapter Operations

As Vice President - Chapter Operations, I ensure the chapter is meeting the requirements of the Chapter Management Program and act as the chapter secretary.


blair morris


As Chancellor, I preside over chapter meetings, serve as the Ritual Chair, and maintain the chapter bylaws and polices.



Chapter Advisor

As Chapter Advisor, I serve as a liaison to the school for the chapter and National Fraternity and assist chapter officers in the development of their plans and duties. I am a Senior Lecturer in the Accounting & Information Systems department at the Wisconsin School of Business