david maneage


As President, I serve as the chief executive officer, overall manager, and motivator for the chapter—keeping a big picture view and overseeing all other officers and members in their Fraternity roles and functions.


lucy calandranis

Senior Vice President

As Senior Vice President, I assist and support the chapter President, and back her up when she is absent, but my main role is to oversee recruiting. I also will transition into the role of Chapter President. 


Nick Lambert

Vice President of Finance

As Vice President - Finance, I oversee the budgets and financials for the chapter, including making payments to the National Fraternity for member dues, initiation fees and other expenses.


David smith  

Vice President of Pledge Education

As Vice President - Pledge Education, I work with Christa Scott to oversee preparation of pledges for initiation, develop and submit pledge programs, report information on pledges, and act as a liaison between pledges and the rest of the chapter


brian kozanda

Vice President of Chapter Operations

As Vice President - Chapter Operations, I ensure the chapter is meeting the requirements of the Chapter Management Program and act as the chapter secretary.


will deangelis


As Chancellor, I preside over chapter meetings, serve as the Ritual Chair, and maintain the chapter bylaws and polices.



Chapter Advisor

As Chapter Advisor, I serve as a liaison to the school for the chapter and National Fraternity and assist chapter officers in the development of their plans and duties. I am a Senior Lecturer in the Accounting & Information Systems department at the Wisconsin School of Business