Delta Sigma Pi has shaped my college experience. It has given me a community, a place for professional development, a network that helped launch my career and the opportunity to pursue leadership at every turn. Although a young chapter, Psi has big plans ahead. We continue to strive for a more diverse chapter, stronger connections to the nation’s leading companies, serving our community and, most importantly, creating life-long friendships

- Fritz Vogel





Our Mission

We are the official DSP chapter for the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  Our chapter includes over 80 members in Business related fields. We strive to develop professional skills, leadership, ethics and service. As a co-ed professional fraternity we stand apart with our inclusive culture and ethical standards to promote a respectful dialog and mutual growth among our chapters members. 

Not only has DSP taught me how to succeed as a business professional, but it has brought me some of my best friends I would not have normally made here at UW-Madison. There are numerous opportunities within community service, professional and social events which benefits each brother both personally and professionally. I am truly grateful for this opportunity and would recommend DSP to everyone!
— Libby Stecker, Senior
DSP is a network of people who share similar values and help each other succeed as aspiring business professionals. My favorite part of DSP is the people- everyone is so friendly and always willing to help with anything. I love that DSP is a cohesive group of talented, thoughtful, and driven individuals.
— Katie Bertram, Senior
DSP truly has shown me what selflessness means, that people are willing to help you succeed purely out of friendship and brotherhood. This principle aids the success of professionals in the fields of business and is something I will always hold on to.
— Casper Adrian, Senior

What We've Achieved

  • B$4B Legacy Chapter- 2011

  • Chapter of Excellence- 2012, 2014, 2016

  • Chapter of Recognition- 2015

  • Accredited Chapter- 2013

  • National Collegian of the Year- 1972, 2012

  • Provincial Collegian of the Year- 2011, 2012

  • Regional Collegian of the Year- 2012, 2015

  • Regional Award- Most Improved Collegiate Chapter-2014

  • Regional Award- Outstanding Service Award for a Collegiate Chapter- 2011